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Tibor Nemes Resume
USD$ 1,000 rent/hour
USD$ 100,000 Per year
CV - Cover Letter
USD$ 1 rent/hour
Acting CTO
USD$ 6,000 rent/week
Accounting master
USD$ 3 rent/hour
Financial Planning Services
USD$ 100 rent/hour
Alex Kasich Small Business Consulting
USD$ 125 rent/hour
USD$ 6,500 rent/week
Tax and Accounting Services
USD$ 80 rent/hour
Financial consultant available for contract assignments
USD$ 250 rent/hour
Financial Consulting Service
USD$ 6,500 rent/week
CEO service
USD$ 9,000 rent/week
Me! Experienced leader looking to lead a young company to outstanding success
Financial Service or CEO
USD$ 8,000 rent/week
Mahnaz Naseer
USD$ 100 rent/hour
Mergers and Acquisitions consultancy
USD$ 5,500 rent/week
"Professional Services--Financial Consulting"
USD$ 5,000 rent/week
Cosmo Enterprises, Inc.
USD$ 1,000 rent/week
Innovation and Growth Strategy Consulting
USD$ 500 rent/hour
Customer Service
MXN$ 13,000 rent/month