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Cessna 172 N.
A sweet N show that flies well. With a recently upgraded motor by PennYan, this 160 pull flying machine has gotten its Certificate of Airworthiness by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation just on March 3, 2016. A full IFR board and long range fuel tanks with 7 hours perseverance makes this Cessna a perfect cruising and visiting plane for all individuals from the club. Its Madras wing tips giving this air ship a superior than ordinary lift, awesome for a moderate flight. For Members as it were.

Pick up Location: Light Aircraft Hangar Site, Subang Airport, 47200 Subang, Selangor, Malaysia

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Renter Name: airadventureflying
Phone no.: +60-013-723-2345
E-Mail: reservation@aurotelaviation.com
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